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slodfans's Journal

The Obligatory Secret Life of Dolls Fan Community
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Because it had to be done. We are the fans of The Secret Life of Dolls! Hear us roar!
Disclaimer: Nothing in this community is intended to infringe upon the creative rights of cleolinda. We're just a bunch of people having some silly fun.

It began with such an innocent question: "Okay, now I must wonder if there is yet the obligatory fan club comm for The Secret Life of Dolls. If there isn't one, someone has to make one like NOW."

From there, we are now here. The Obligatory Secret Life of Dolls Fan Community! Know it, join it, love it. More importantly, love cleolinda's The Secret Life of Dolls LJ entries! If you have stumbled across this little fan club wondering what it is, and you don't know what The Secret Life of Dolls is, please go to cleolinda's journal and click the Secret Life of Dolls tag. Read and enjoy.

For those of you who are here for the obvious, it's rules time. Please read the rules carefully because I plan to be strict in enforcing them.

The Rules:

1) No flaming. Hard to imagine it happening on a fan community dedicated to fansqueeing about someone's dolls, but anything can happen.

2) Respect the other members. Yes, this goes in with no flaming but I want to be very clear, here. Right now the community has open membership and unmoderated posting. Please don't make me change that.

3) No off-topic discussion. All discussion in the comm must relate to The Secret Life of Dolls. Even talk of other dolls must take place in the context of The Secret Life of Dolls, such as what dolls you think might join the Shelf. No advertising a cool doll just because you think it's cool.

4) Any speculation posts must be accompanied by an LJ cut, and have the word "speculation" in the subject line. For example: [Speculation] I hope this happens! cleolinda understandably does not want to read any speculation, as she does not want to be influenced by it or for people to think she is influenced by it. This rule is to make certain she can enjoy the rest of the community without seeing content she does not wish to see. Please respect cleolinda by abiding by this rule. I have no problems shutting down this community if this rule is not obeyed.

5) This does not include posts simply saying "I think this doll will be next." #4 means speculation on what will happen should this or that doll end up on the Shelf. Simply saying "I think this doll will end up on the Shelf" does not count as speculation. It does include any ideas on where any current story line in SLoD is heading.

6) Fanfiction and fanart are okay, but must also be under an LJ cut.

7) cleolinda has requested no crazy money collecting drives in order to send her more dolls. Therefore, no crazy fund raising conspiracies.

8) cleolinda will most likely not hang out around here often, for understandable reasons stated above. Those rules are just in case she decides to check in every now and again. Please no bugging her to come look at something over here. If she wants to, she will.

9) Watch out. I ban. For repeated violation of #4 and 5 especially. But anyone caught breaking any of the rules will not be treated well. Sorry, but we're all adults here and should be able to behave ourselves. If you can't, then I kick you out of the big people's sandbox.

I suspect we shall be able to have a great deal of fun so long as everyone can abide by these rules. :D